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..while burning my life in social media
Jul 17 '14

Boeing Preps the 787-9 Dreamliner for Farnborough

Such an elegant take-off for such a huge machine!


Jul 15 '14

Мировой рекорд (гитара). Полет шмеля.


Jul 15 '14


Jul 15 '14

A first drive in Google’s self-driving car

Watch volunteers take a ride in Mountain View, California.

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Jul 13 '14

This girl took a photo of herself every day of her life for 1 year. The last photo of the slideshow is powerful and shocking!

PS: This is a PSA about home violence against women. The message in the last slide reads: “Help me get out of here, I’m not sure I can survive till tomorrow!”


Jul 5 '14

60th anniversary of the first BBC TV daily news broadcast



Today marks the 60th anniversary of the first BBC television daily news bulletin.

The 20-minute bulletin was read by Richard Baker and was introduced as an “Illustrated summary of the news… Followed by the latest film of events and happenings at home and abroad,” paving the way for broadcast news as we see it today across the globe.

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Jun 27 '14

Love this ad!


Jun 24 '14

Jun 22 '14
How to be a hipster. Love this graphic!

How to be a hipster. Love this graphic!

May 9 '14
"I suspect that the tendency towards a kind of extremism in diaspora communities may have something to do with keeping them unified. Otherwise they would tend to assimilate. In the home country they’re not going to assimilate, you don’t have to prove you’re an Armenian or Israeli or Irish. But if you’re in the United States and you want to maintain some kind of cultural identity as a group it’s going to have some relation to the home country. And often more extreme positions are taken than in the home country because of the need to maintain identity. The one that I know best is the Jewish community but, as far as I know, others are much like it."
Noam Chomsky  (via noam-chomsky)